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You’ve Discovered the #1 Sarasota Protective Sealant Coating! Hydroshield of Sarasota!

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SHOWER DOORS, GRANITE COUNTER TOPS, TILE FLOORS….You’ve paid a lot to upgrade the beauty of your home.  Wouldn’t it be silly NOT to protect and preserve the beauty of your investment with the HydroShield Protective Coating and Sealant?

So how do you protect your home?  You simply need to discover the benefits of the Areas #1 ……..

  • Sarasota Granite Sealing

  • Sarasota Granite Protection

  • Sarasota Granite Restoration

  • Sarasota Granite Stains

  • Sarasota Granite Maintenance

  • Sarasota Glass Sealing

  • Sarasota Glass Restoration

  • Sarasota Glass Protection

  • Sarasota Stone Sealing

  • Sarasota Travertine Sealing

  • Sarasota Grout Sealing

  • Sarasota Tile Sealing

  • Sarasota Marble Sealing

  • Sarasota New Home Sealing

  • Sarasota Granite Sealant

  • Sarasota Glass Sealant

  • and More……

The #1 Sarasota Sealant Coating for Travertine, Granite, Stone & Tile is HydroShield…so what exactly is it?

HydroShield® is a polymer sealant that features a special moisture-resistant coating which causes water and moisture to bead up and roll off before they can be absorbed into the product, helping to maintain protective integrity in environments where water or high humidity levels are present.

HydroShield has been specifically designed to protect travertine, windows, shower doors, art glass, glass block, table tops, glass curtain wall buildings, tile, grout, marble, natural stone, and more.

HydroShield Gulf Coast is a locally owned and operated company that offers eco-friendly, made in America products that protect and restore surfaces in your home. With a wide range of products and services, we have the knowledge and capability to keep your home or office looking new for years to come. Whether it’s a granite countertop, tile floor, discolored grout, porcelain bathroom feature or a glass shower that’s seen its better days, it might be faster and more affordable than you think to have things looking like new again. Our product is by far the best on the market and will give you piece of mind that your home will look like new for many years to come. HydroShield is so confident in the protecting capabilities of the product that a warranty accompanies every new application. We offer a a superior product and couple it with our “Best in Class” customer service.

Here in Sarasota, FL and the surrounding area, the water quality from well can be murder on porcelain sinks and toilets. Discover Hydroshield and you’ll have the ultimate protection from hard water and soap scum!

All Sarasota Sealant Coating installations are covered under out Industry Leading Warrantee!  Here’s what you can expect when you choose HydroShield of Sarasota, FL.  You’ll find nothing else like it in the industry!

Hydroshield Cape Coral Coating & Sealant